Judith! Say it ain’t so!

Judith’s – long one of Wanstead’s most celebrated features – appears to be on the way out. Mentions of Wanstead on BBC London will tumble.

30 thoughts on “Judith! Say it ain’t so!”

    1. It’s screaming to be a Paddy Power! We are missing that from the High Street and would be much easier for us Cuckfield Gamblers to get to than having to trek up to William Hill.

  1. I have never been to those shops, they don’t look very inviting from the outside. I’m not very surprised it’s on its way out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally for local shops, it’s sad to see them go, but it seems to me like maybe the owners didn’t do enough to keep up with the current trends and to get more customers into their shop.

    1. When you see signs like “You are not allowed to try on unless you are buying”, you know it is one to avoid.

    2. It says they are retiring.

      The shop has been going for donkey’s years under the same owners I believe. They targeted a certain demographic, which I always imagined to be the wealthy, mature lady who liked to take cruises and, in addition to easy care quality separates, often needed a gown for the captain’s table. A slightly more updated version of the shop, with an online would possibly still do very well in this neck of the woods.

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