Kingfisher accident


A Wansteadium reader who would rather remain nameless writes:

“Up until Saturday afternoon there was an air quality monitoring station on Kingfisher Avenue. Now there’s an empty plinth and a wall with a large hole punched out of it. I think I saw a car bumper trapped under the knocked over box. It must have been hit pretty hard, but I didn’t see it happen. Does anyone know what happened?

3 thoughts on “Kingfisher accident”

  1. Yes, I was walking by not long after it happened as saw a police officer inspecting the area / trying to close stuff off as had live wires sticking out. He said a car had hit it and knocked it through the wall.

  2. Don’t need a monitoring station to work out how dirty the air is here; just wipe your hand over an outside surface.

  3. Yep, I was cycling past a minute or so after it had happened and Plod had just arrived. A bystander (Polish) said a guy lost control and hit it really hard, reversed, and drove off with the front of his car completely mashed. I hope someone had the nous to take a pic on their smart phone so they can get this idiot.

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