Legionnaires expertise breaks out

Parents of Nightingale Primary children – many of whom are now facing a third day with their school closed because of legionella bacteria in the water supply – are fast becoming experts on symptoms to look out for. Though there have not thankfully been any cases of the disease itself, local doctors have been informed of what has happened at the school.

Treatment to remove the bacteria from the water supply has now been completed, and the results are awaited. Children in years five and six will be returning to the school on Thursday, but will have staff from lower classes helping to make sure they don’t drink the water and use hand sanitisers.

The school has told parents it hopes it will be able to reopen on Friday for all classes. If that happens, the three-day closure will have been a light escape compared to the Wanstead Youth Centre (which backs onto the school) which was out of action for three weeks in 2013 with another legionella outbreak.

(Information on Legionella and Legionnaire’s symptoms from NHS Choices.)

One thought on “Legionnaires expertise breaks out”

  1. So, major primary school in London closed for a week, by an issue that should be easily dealt with by routine day to day management.

    Material risk to children’s health, missed education and personal disruption/cost; I can see why parents are getting increasingly angry at this.

    Between school leadership, governors and Redbridge Council someone should take accountability in the only acceptable way.

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