Letter to Wansteadium: A real-life hustle

Dear Wansteadium
A warning for other readers.

Having been told that the window cleaner was waiting at the front door, I
assumed that the windows had been cleaned. The windows of the front and back of the house are cleaned alternately – so it depends where you are as to whether or not you actually see the window cleaners.

I opened the front door to pay. A young man stood there, pen and account book at the ready. Nothing unusual.

I handed him a £20 note, stating that I hadn’t anything smaller. He took this, said he hadn’t any change and that he would go and get some. Again
nothing unusual – the window cleaners often did that. (There’s usually quite
a gang of them busy up & down the road.)

It wasn’t until he failed to return that I realized I had been CONNED!


A Wansteadium reader (name supplied)