Letter to Wansteadium: Did you see me getting knocked off my bike?

Wansteadium reader Diana writes:

“I wonder if any of the lovely followers of Wansteadium can help me – on Sunday 19 July at around 3.00pm I was knocked off my bike outside Tesco Express on the High Street in Wanstead when a car driver reversed into me. Several kind people came to my aid and the driver of the car did stop but as I was in complete shock I failed to get anyone’s details. I have suffered a fractured arm and it looks like my bike frame is bent and non-repairable. If anyone was there or can provide me with any information I would be so grateful. The police are checking for CCTV but I am hoping that either the driver or one of the Good Samaritans may come forward. Please contact Wansteadium (info@wansteadium.com) who will forward details to me. Thank you, Diana.”