Letter to Wansteadium: Freeholders, do your duty

Following the opening of the new British Heart Foundation shop in Wanstead High Street, Wansteadium reader Guy writes:

Another charity shop, bad bad bad. The high street doesn’t need another. Is anybody actually attempting to sell Wanstead to young relatively affluent professional families (that Wanstead now has many of)? We need a decent clothes shop for the ladies e.g Whistles, and a family restaurant. Both would be good for the area and make an absolute killing. [Hardware shop] Robert Dyas, which was rumoured to be interested in the area would have been fantastic too. Shop freeholders lower your rents! It’s killing everybody new and putting off enterprising people who would like to set up shop!

Wansteadium’s food blogger Suki Orange adds:
I quite agree about the need for a good family restaurant. The continuing closure of Cook’s (formerly Seasons), apparently for refurbishment, is leaving a gap and I know some people are wondering if it will reopen. Like lots of people, I generally prefer independents to chains, but how often have I craved having a Strada on Wanstead High Street?

On Wansteadium’s Facebook page, Najma adds;
Wanstead has relatively affluent professional families, a decent clothes shop for the ladies and a family restaurant would make an absolute killing yet shop freeholders should lower their rent? It doesn’t quite make sense.

7 thoughts on “Letter to Wansteadium: Freeholders, do your duty”

  1. Quite agree! Not sure local retailers have quite woken up to the growing deomographic of young families and parents with a bit of taste!

  2. On another note – does anyone know what is happening to the site opposite Snaresbrook station which used to be Asta la Pasta (among other things)

  3. Strange how things go in circles, I have vague memories of Robert Dyas or similar hardware store on Cambridge Park opposite the Green from my very early childhood

  4. Go Guy! Another charity shop is definitely not what we need. I thought the closure of one of the many betting shops on the high street might herald new beginnings, but apparently not…we’ve just got another charity shop instead. Decent independent women’s clothes shop, Whistles, Strada, more of The Larder, The Orange Tree, bring back Horshall & Wright…I could go on but you get the message!

  5. Ladies dress shops, aren’t there 4 already ?
    And I presume that if restaurants close (for refurbishment ??) it’s because they are not making enough profit, ie not enough people are using them.
    As for Strada etc, I’s prefer to live in sleepy old fashioned Wanstead than South Woodford or Loughton thanks very much.

  6. Yes, Derek there are 4 dress shops in Wanstead….but I’m guessing you’ve not been in them! My mum likes them (she’s a well dressed women of 60+), I don’t!!

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