Letter to Wansteadium: Oh buggy (Updated)

Wansteadium reader Hannah writes:

Dear Wansteadium
We had friends and family round on Sunday for a post-Marathon get-together, to celebrate our friends who were running (and my birthday). One of our runners is a mother-of-three who, to cut long story short, has the BRACA2 gene which means that unless she has a double mastectomy, she has an 80% chance of developing breast cancer. She’s only 29. This is why she was running for the Breast Cancer Campaign to help fund research so her children, hopefully, won’t have to endure what she is going through.

Two of her children are twins and she and her husband (my brother) left a double buggy outside my house in Cowley Road.

There was a lot going on so it maybe stayed out there a little longer than normal, but when my brother looked outside it had gone. Luckily, they are both pragmatic people and didn’t let it ruin their day. But needless to say, it’s an expense they could really do without and it means that until they sort out a new one/claim insurance the poor twins have no means of transport. I somehow can’t believe this happened in Wanstead (and that is what everyone at our little gathering kept saying..’not in Wanstead!’) So I thought I would give fellow readers of Wansteadium this warning: “Yes, in Wanstead.”

Best wishes


UPDATE, Saturday: Following Hannah’s letter, two Wansteadium readers offered to give double buggies to Hannah’s sister-in-law. She extends her thanks to them (as will people who like to think of Wanstead as the kind of place where someone would give a Bugaboo).

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