Letter to Wansteadium: Old photo hunt

Peter Sceats of the Foresters Scooter Club writes:

Hi. I am trying to get photos and information about the old Vespa and Lambretta dealer which used to be in Wanstead High Street, at the junction with Hermon Hill. It was called Masons, but it was replaced by a piano shop and then the Elizabeth Price estate agents. Thanks in advance, Peter Sceats (Foresters Scooter Club, founded in Wanstead in 1957).

You can send information and pictures to us at wansteadium[at]gmail.com

One thought on “Letter to Wansteadium: Old photo hunt”

  1. Can’t remember if it was before or after the piano shop but at one point that used to be a bike (push) shop and was taken over as a command centre / squat during the M11 link road protests.

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