Letter to Wansteadium: Trim, Trim, Trim

20110708-055909.jpgWansteadium reader Carole Edrich writes:

Hi there,

It’s 19 months since I finished six months of intravenous chemotherapy for aggressive breast cancer and I’m going to cycle solo to Trim in Ireland in aid of a lovely little charity that gives adapted bikes and trikes to kids whose lives have been affected by the disease (cyclistsfc.org.uk)

Depending on how fit I am (40 miles was hard two weeks ago but I’m getting stronger every day) and the extent I get lost (a normal occurrence – a 60-mile ride to Cambridge ended up as 85 because I accidentally circled a village instead of going through it) I’ll be cycling 500-900 miles in two weeks.

Bike Trax has been great and it would be great if Wansteadium readers could sponsor me; for the whole trip, per mile I manage (there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to do it all) or by the millimetres I lose from my waist. The donation site is www.justgiving.com/CyclistOnChemo or you can text a donation to 70070 with the code IRLC99 and the amount they want to donate ie “IRLC99 £1”

I will tweet about the trip from my account @CyclistOnChemo and if I have the energy will post blogs on it wherever I can. Please consider donating – these children have suffered enough.

Thank you