Leyton and Wanstead election result

Results for Leyton and Wanstead, as reported by the BBC (More details here.)

Another term for John Cryer, who seems not to have been affected at all by talk of people wanting to punish him for supporting Brexit. The various proposals to redraw constituency boundaries may or may not come to pass – and there’s talk in any case of another possible election, so for the time being John Cryer is comfortably established.

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    1. The 1997 boundary review cut Redbridge from 3 constituencies to 2 and a bit. The old Wanstead and Woodford constituency was split up with Snaresbrook and Wanstead wards joining with part of the Leyton constituency which Harry Cohen, the sitting Leyton MP, won for Labour

  1. Well done John Cryer!

    A word of advice to the Tory candidate: when friends of mine post perfectly reasonable questions on your FB wall, asking about government education cuts – it’s probably best to answer them, rather than delete them. Who knows, you might get a few more votes next time!

    1. I didn’t see any Tories but Labour leafletted, canvassed on the doorstep nearly every house in Wanstead and Snaresbrook, collected details of who voted at polling stations and knocked up promises who hadn’t voted. As well as running the regular Saturday morning stall outside the Co-op.

    2. Lots by the Labour Party, I saw the Lib Dem bloke once, no sign of a Tory, and the Green Party were out in force on the Sunday after the London Bridge attack. When asked why they were canvassing when other parties were stopping the campaign out of respect I was told ..’it’s a national issue…not us…this is a local event’ Duh……..

  2. Thank god we are in with Leytonstone and leyton.. I’m finding my fellow wanstead residents increasingly intolerable I think a Tory wanstead might tip me over the edge.

  3. Hi all, I volunteered to work in Leytonstone Library polling station on election day, 8th June 2017. When you walked into the polling station, I’m the chap who asked for your name and address and point you to the polling booth and stubby pencil. It was astonishing just how many people – not just young – had never voted before. Many said so, many were just clueless as to what to do. They showed us their driving licences, tried to hand us their ballot papers after they’d voted, insisted on voting with ballpoint as whatsapp told them pencil votes will be erased, and some wondered where the council votes were and why Jeremy and Theresa weren’t on the ballot papers.They delivered about thirty postal votes in person, and pinched about 20 of our stubby pencils too.
    We spent so much time helping the newbies that there were queues around the block. Don’t know who they voted for but it was a big turnout. Long day but great fun

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