Lights on without a hitch? What went wrong?

A festive but uneventful lighting-up this year.

Oh Wanstead Christmas tree, what’s happened to your power to engage and surprise? No row over funding? No anti-climactic fuse box blow? Not even any (or at least not many) disparaging “it looks like a badger” comments??

You’ve changed.


UPDATE: This too needs to be said:

6 thoughts on “Lights on without a hitch? What went wrong?”

  1. It was 15 minutes earlier than the advertised 5pm, so many missed it.

    Apparently there was no band either? There certainly wasn’t at 4.50 when we arrived (after leaving work early to take the toddler) to find the lights on, and lots of disappointed children… Another mum said she didn’t see or hear a band.

    Not quite so ‘perfect’

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