Logic problem

Not sure the logic of directing passengers with accessibility needs to Snaresbrook while the Wanstead station escalator is being repaired really stands up to much scrutiny. There is no shortage of stairs to climb at Snaresbrook, unless you’re going eastbound.

It’s only going to work if passengers:
*want to go eastbound to stations from South Woodford to Epping, (in which case they shouldn’t have been at Wanstead anyway)  or
*are prepared to go to Woodford to change on to a central London via Hainault train, which would be an extremely long way round, or
*can cope with the stairs, in which case they might as well stick with those at Wanstead.

2 thoughts on “Logic problem”

  1. Indeed
    I had a little rant yesterday and I see today they now suggest 308 to statford or W14
    BUT i cant understand why they don’t mention 145 and 66 RIGHT OUTSIDE the station for westbound to leytonstone
    And W13?
    Yesterday pushchairs/wheelie baskets in dire straits and this afternoon two elderly ladies with walking sticks trying the stairs -there could well be an accident before long

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