Meanwhile, in Wanstead…

At the time of writing, Redbridge has just one confirmed case of coronavirus. There are only a handful of boroughs in England where that is true. But we thought we should nevertheless kick-off a round-up of things that are going on, for the diversion and delectation of people spending more time at home than they might have expected.

A couple of hedgehogs – perhaps venturing out of hibernation by the milder weather – spotted in a garden on Ashbourne Avenue, giving an air of Groundhog Day.

In nearby Roding Valley Park, spring has definitely sprung.

Spring cleaning of some High Street signs (we’re sign obsessives, in case you didn’t know) reveal the ghost of  a former shop – Nicky’s News –  a relic of an era when there was more than one newsagent on the High Street. Memories of this shop, anyone who was around in those days? Via Comments below, please.

Peter Hucker, proprietor of the Nightingale Lane second hand shop most likely to have a carved wooden bookend in the shape of a woodpecker, displays some of the waspish humour that made him famous.

And finally we just don’t know what to make of these, outside Wanstead House.

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