Mysterious street graffiti



Wanstead pavements being used as unofficial billboards? All in a good cause, Wansteadium supposes. And on that theme, good luck to those who are gathering at 9.30 on Saturday morning to take part in the Great Wanstead Clean-Up. More information below – fight the good fight, people.

7 Comments on "Mysterious street graffiti"

  1. Great idea. Can we have one at the top end of Nightingale Lane for the dog walker who regularly allows their dog to leave large deposits on the pavement?

    1. I agree. In fact can we not have one of these for the whole of Wanstead….drives me mad. It is particularly bad around Wellesley Rd, Wellington Rd, Halstead Rd, Nightingale Lane and more recently the High Street.

  2. God knows how much that will put the rates up saw the 2 men on Thursday putting them on the pavement not sure it really needed to be 2 man job

  3. It’s in the wrong place. It should be next door in front of Papa John’s.

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