Mystery filming

Wansteadium loves to catalogue instances of Wanstead appearing on film. We’re not sure what the filming in Warren Drive at the end of last week will turn out to be, but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks to spotter Mike Withnall.

Update: Wansteadium reader Charlotte writes:

They were filming the Hatton Garden Heist in and around the Cricket/Tennis Club on Friday. The crew and location trucks (food, makeup etc) were set up in the car park of the cricket club and they were filming inside Linkside clubhouse and down by the lake. I am not sure if it’s a movie or for TV but it stars Larry Lamb, Phil Daniels and Matthew Goode (Downton). Matthew Goode was spotted a few times preparing for his scenes whilst we watched the cricket! Looks like they may also have been filming the same thing in Warren Drive too. I hope this solves the Mystery.

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4 thoughts on “Mystery filming”

    1. Wanstead also features in a current TV ad for a pay day loan company featuring a woman gazing into the window of the bathroom shop on Hermon Hill.

  1. Yes, a number of ( perhaps unroadworthy ) Professionals’ era getaway cars in that fleet.

    Been a while since I’ve passed by though.

  2. I wouldn’t think so; those cars at that other corner house have been there for years, but now they’re mostly gone at present as that house is having a lot of work done. “Hatton Garden Heist” is listed on the movie site “IMDb” as due to be a 2017 release. Whether that’s as a film or a TV show they don’t say. Will be interesting to see this location featured.

    Tom Hardy also recently shot a scene at St Mary’s Church a stone’s throw away, for TV mini series. This neighbourhood seems to be the latest cool movie location, haha!

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