Mystery plane

Wansteadium reader Justin McArdle wrote to say that on 1am on Friday he was woken up by “an overflying propeller driven plane”. He checked on the website FlightRadar24, which as its name suggests keeps track of what is in the sky, and found that the plane was a Cessna and had made “in excess of 40 passes at less than 1000m backwards and forwards across London”. He added: “Its flightpath did not actually quite directly overfly Wanstead – the plane turning westwards over Leyton but close enough to be heard quite clearly. I heard the plane on several occasions through the early hours as it returned on its criss-cross of London.” Anyone else hear something similar? Please use the form below.

7 thoughts on “Mystery plane”

  1. The spy plane based at RAF Northolt is an Islander. It’s covered in all sorts of antennae and never appears on any official lists of service aircraft.

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