5 thoughts on “New favourite sign”

  1. It’s a bit . . . washed-out and ghostly, isn’t it though? . . .

    Tasteful signs are obviously preferable to gaudy, neon, plastic, etc, no argument there.

    But this obsession with signs that the Conservation Area imposes is all just a bit too precious. I care about general conservation of important things concerning the area, but what kind of SIGN a shop has — I’m sorry, I fail to see how earth shatteringly important or impactful that is.

    I care about environmental concerns, rubbish, overdevelopment, not even services or resources, housing issues, etc, but gimme a break, I can’t care about a sign. It’s not the most pressing matter is it?

    I have over forty years of history with this area, growing up around here, but these days Wanstead is way up its own “place where the sun doesn’t shine.”

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