New homes for homeless

A grey block of what appear to be single rooms stacked on top of each other turn out to be exactly that – and the good news is that they are temporary homes for homeless people.

The block has been constructed on land near Charlie Brown Roundabout. Redbridge Council has put them there as one of its measures to address homelessness, and according to the latest issue of Redbridge Life, people have started moving into the block.

The site is over the road from a new development of social housing, also by Redbridge, which is being built in front of existing blocks at Old Mill Court (a move which was not without controversy when planning permission was granted). 

One thought on “New homes for homeless”

  1. Do we have, any idea what this accommodation consists of? Are they just a room with shared facilities or does each have its own bathroom and cooking facilities? Any chance of a picture of the inside?

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