Next steps for green Redbridge

The next phase of Redbridge doing its bit for the climate emergency is to be considered on Monday by the council – and it could mean the wheelie bin pilot being extended across the whole borough.

Other measures recommended in a report to the council include:

  • Considering putting solar panels or heat pumps at existing Redbridge sites, including schools
  • Encouraging residents to cut food waste, increase composting and take part in improved recycling
  • Making council buildings and vehicles meet environmental standards
  • Improving cycling infrastructure
  • Increasing facilities for charging electric and hybrid cars
  • Encouraging businesses and resident behaviour to make 50% of journeys by “active, efficient and sustainable” modes of transport
  • Increase biodiversity by increasing the proportion of the borough which is covered by trees by 10%
  • Ensure new developments – especially those in urban areas – include requirements for diversity.

The full list of recommendations which is being presented to council leaders is available on the Redbridge website.

2 thoughts on “Next steps for green Redbridge”

  1. I would have hoped Redbridge would have already “considered” these measures. It is about time they got on with the job.

    There must be a shelf of consultant proposals, waiting for funding. The only one of these “considerations” to which I would object is wheelie bins, but if they really help climate change I certainly would not object.

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