Nightingale on the Green is now open

The Nightingale – now to be known as the Nightingale on the Green – has reopened after being closed for several months. Redecorated and somewhat refitted, the pub opened its doors at noon*.

The redecoration, led by new boss Frank Lampard Sr, is smart but will not feel alien to longstanding regulars. Rumours that the upstairs would be converted into a function room turn out not to be correct.

As is our tradition, we wish the new team the best of luck.

*Full disclosure. A – ahem – representative of Wansteadium was the first customer. It was by accident. The representative was passing and asked if they were opening and were told yes, they were, right that minute, and were told: “Do come in and be the first customer.” It would have been rude not to.

One thought on “Nightingale on the Green is now open”

  1. It’s very smart and attractive, and the outside is especially so. But why are such dark choices made for the interiors of places? It’s so gloomy and light-sucking to have such a dark paint on the inside.

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