No pterodactyl discovered in Wanstead

It’s sad, but the hunt for a pterodactyl in Wanstead looks like it has run into the ground. Blogger Mark Samuels told, earlier this week, of the loss of the prehistoric winged lizard, named Terrence, in the hope that someone would declare their find. He wrote:

There are, or were, five members in my family: me, my wife, our two daughters and a soft toy pterodatyl called Terrence. Sadly, Terrence is missing, presumed lost in action on Wanstead High Street. For the last year-or-so, Terrence has been everywhere with the Samuels family. He’s been on holiday, to school, to London, to bed and on film (many, many times). Virtually every picture of my eldest during that period includes her holding tightly to Terrence

Mark now tweets that he’s been taking part in a “delicate operation that has seen Terry, err, replaced”. But there’s still hope. To see what Terry looks like, and to contact Mark, see his blog here.