No way. Way.

The new regime on Nightingale Lane, which makes the ancient road one-way from the High Street to Wellesley Road, is now in force. Not everyone seems to have noticed yet, with reports of drivers apparently not noticing the new rules.

The reason for the rule is understandable – it’s long been too congested for two-way traffic. But we can’t help wondering if there might be some unintended consequences coming up in the next few weeks and months.

For instance, with no fear of oncoming traffic, drivers may well feel more free to speed down the first part of the road, which is usually busy with pedestrians. Watch this space.

5 thoughts on “No way. Way.”

  1. A much-needed restriction, have watched many cars mount the pavement to pass each other rather than wait, even when school children and families were using the pavement. However, also concerned that cars are starting to speed down the first part … could speed restrictions be put in place?

  2. I have lived here for twenty three years and always wondered why the restriction was not in place as it was needed but for traffic coming down from the high street there is no give way sign. Saw a near collision this morning as right turning traffic didn’t know who had the priority

  3. I don’t disagree with the one- way, but I do disagree with the direction. Surely it should be one way going up towards the high street. Makes absolutely no sense diverting traffic along Wellesley road.

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