Nutter Lane fly tipping extravaganza


The chutzpah of flytippers reached new heights on Nutter Lane on Tuesday night. (Thanks to Mark Bentley for the pictures.)

12 thoughts on “Nutter Lane fly tipping extravaganza”

  1. Does anyone know if the council investigates these incidents? Massive fly tipping end of Feb at top of Draycot Road. There was an estate agent’s sign among rubbish: I wondered if it’d be worth checking the houses recently sold by said estate agent to see which ones have had rennovation work.

  2. There was a used baby nappy in the high street this morning, the rubbish on the high street in front of shops is only thing spoiling the Wanstead area…more needs to be done to clear rubbish quickly…

  3. Yes saw the massive tip in Draycot Rd.Wish I’d had my camera with me. So close to businesses on Cambridge Park and Draycot Rd and the station surely there’s CCTV evidence somewhere?

  4. Reminds me of the regular car dumping that used to go on towards the Rugby Club during the 90’s; before scrap metal became valuable that is.

    I’m sure this will pass and very difficult to police I imagine.

    That said, some Councillor has decided to state it won’t be tolerated, when I guess in reality that is just what we will do.

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