Octopus praise

Wanstead’s food blogger Suki Orange notes: Congratulations to Luppolo for making it into the Shortlist magazine hunt for the perfect pizza. Not bad coverage for a restaurant not a month old, even if the pizza in question is the one which bewildered me for my review last week, (baby octopus). I cant help be mystified by Shortlist’s descriptions of “the wilds of Wanstead” though, and as for one of the main advantages of Luppolo being within sight of the Tube, I’ve got nothing.

5 thoughts on “Octopus praise”

  1. Went in again last night. Pizza was ok but ha a soggy middle.

    For me, the pizzas were better when it was BRB. But I like the feel of the new place and the beer is good.

  2. It just goes to show that it’s who you know not what you cook if Luppolo has got into the Shortlist hunt for the perfect pizza. Maybe Shortlist should get someone who knows about pizza to judge them.

  3. Went in yesterday; pizza good and service much more attentive. However, I’ve now eaten two bruschettas there and both were pretty poor.

    Pale ale and salami pizza combo gave me wind btw.

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