One becomes two

What was going to be a week’s closure for Blake Hall Road to fix a water main has turned into two, with a promised finish date of 1 June. There are, however, rumours that the work could finish early, perhaps even by this weekend (which would be especially good with Ride London taking place on Sunday).

In the meantime, those who can cycle or walk are navigating a narrow passage beside the works. Drivers are finding other ways round.

Meanwhile this plaintive sign is lying on the ground. When Thames Water have finished with it here, they could always put it beside the Roding near where it released raw sewage 237 times in 2022.

EXTRA UPDATE: An earlier update to this article included a comment which said that Lakehouse Road was being resurfaced, and that this was a really bad time for it to be done. In fact the work being done was on a crossing, not resurfacing.

4 thoughts on “One becomes two”

  1. The bus routes have been horrendous 101 / 308 should be ashamed of cutting their service to and from Wanstead to just 1 and 3 buses per hour respectively. Wednesday evening an old lady was sitting in distress having waited up to 90mins without a 101 at Wanstead. Didn’t know if she would get home to Beckton or not

  2. With ULEZ now being extended , the Mayor should consider how much pollution is caused by delays with these diversions and how much fuel is wasted. Multiply incidents like this a few thousand times across London and the picture is bleak. Firms like Thames Water should be penalised for delays .and assessed by independent surveyors to assess reasonable timescales. The build bridges wicker in Japan. I have seen workman at the site in Blake Hall road looking down the hole scratching their heads.

    Answer for the quickest diversion by the way, is to get a motorbike or become a food delivery worker as the laws of the Road Traffic Act does not seem to apply to them and they ride where they like , cycle lanes and footways!

  3. Delivery drivers also drive on the wrong side of the road, undertake and cut corners at every opportunity ! It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed and it will be the poor bus/car/lorry driver that will get the blame

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