11 thoughts on “Ooh! Chic new Judith”

    1. Oh dear. I better not take my husband who is a graphic designer to the Larder as he will have a fit when he sees the non matching fonts!!! Why have many shop owners in Wanstead not got a clue???

  1. It’s all happening with signage in the High Street today. ‘Roast’ signage missing at 4pm today.

  2. Wow, Judith’s gets an awning and it’s news. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Wansteadium to highlight Fat Biscuit (previously the manky Mario’s Shake Shack). No amount of keeping Wansteadium in the loop about plans and revamping made a difference. Well, it’s just won a Top Ten Tried & Tasted award from Just Eat from out of its 22,000 takeaways but bugger all support from the local champion Wansteadium, even when it was sought, bar a sarcastic piece before it opened on the increasing gentrification of Wanstead. We’ll just have to wait for the piece that the Evening Standard are doing on them to find out more on a local gem. Meanwhile, let’s hear it for the new awning!

    On a point of note, I’m not the owner of Fat Biscuit, just dismayed by the difference in coverage given to Wanstead Fish, where I also shop and like the guy, to others batting for Wanstead and so obviously knocking it out of the park.

    1. Well said. Wansteadium does seem to have it’s favourites. My son now uses Fat Biscuit where he wouldn’t even enter Mario’s. The whole shop looks a million times better and he tells me it tastes good too!

  3. The awning is good, the signage is OK as a period piece, but they don’t go together. Still a million times better than the Lighthouse, which, not content with its garish neon, has now plastered a hideous colour transfer of low rent sausages, kebabs etc in the window. Just terrible. I have stopped using the place. How can anyone be that clueless?

    1. Kebabs? Fantastic. I’ll be there this week. Thank goodness for the sign advertising it else I wouldn’t have known. Cheers for that.

      1. My pleasure. I’m sure it will do wonders for his business from people who don’t have the brain capacity to know what is usually available in a fish and chip shop.

        1. Bless, I’m not 100% sure you know how advertising works….unless you think when Fairy Liquid run a TV ad it’s aimed at people who don’t have the brain capacity to know what it is for?

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