14 thoughts on “Painted House”

  1. The shutters might be uplifting but the prospect of a fast – food outlet certainly is not!
    Bryan the pedant.

  2. A subway? i couldnt think of anything worse…imagine the rubbish from their junk food everywhere.

    i cant think of anything lower down the food chain than Subway?

  3. dan, what about the rubbish from the two pasty shops we have? What about the rubbish from the Supermarkets own Sandwiches?

    Just because it is a Subway does not mean you have to throw the litter on the floor….

    If you want to talk about rubbish, then lets talk about the rubbish bags split open by the Foxes each and every day around Wanstead. This morning I was attacked by cooked food wrappers, had to step over many nappies and avoid plastic bags doing base jumps.

    I take it when I open my Subway Franchise on the High Street you will not visit?

  4. Not a subway that would be awful it’s bound to be Indian or Chinese surly …… I’m just glad it’s not another salon

  5. @Robespierre – I think it was a private gambling club/den, wasn’t it? It always looked ‘closed’, but not if you were a member… (not that I was, I hasten to add….)

  6. A couple of years ago I was walking past and saw two elderly couples get off the bus outside and go in. They were all dressed up as if for a big night out and it made me wonder what on earth were they doing going in there… Hmmm. so now I know! I sometimes saw that the lights were on but could never work it out.

  7. Was down that end of the High St. today at Wanstead Barber Shop (recommended). Couldn’t spot any planning notice for change of use…

    If true that this is to be fast food, won’t the people at the Domestic Appliance shop be a bit miffed, considering they applied to do the same and got rejected?

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