12 thoughts on “Pedestrian countdown”

  1. Já vi disso em Viseu, há alguns anos. Estão virados para os carros, mas os peões também conseguem ver quanto ainda dispõem para atravessar, até mudar o semáforo.

  2. Ok, I’ve translated the above for those than cannot read Spanish.

    Sorry, used a Chinese translation website 🙂

  3. It actually says: “Your Spam filter is not working properly would you like a Rolex please thank you.”

  4. Hogy egy kicsit arrogáns és elbizakodott, hogy elküldhesse hozzászólását olyan nyelven, amelyet a legtöbb látogatók nem lesz képes megérteni…

    (hint: visit Google Translate)

  5. What happened to the Flashing Green Man!
    Does this mean he has had a pay cut? Very American these countdown timers, I wonder how long before ‘Jay Walking’ is a ‘felony’ over here.

  6. On a more serious point, this update to the crossing must have taken at least 2 to 3 months for the work to be completed. If the tax payer has paid for this very lengthy update (including one assumes the delays) I shudder to think what the cost must have been. During this time (to replace the perfectly adequate existing lights and add a countdown) we have endured ongoing road works and disruption. I did ask TFL over a fortnight ago to advise me why this was taking so long, needless to say I have yet to receive a response. Finally with or without a countdown there is still insufficient time to cross the road – now at least we know how long we have before we are run down.

    1. Seriously? I have a young kid that gets distracted by air and another in a pushchair and I can still cross in plenty of time.

      Judging by the original photos’ countdown, maybe it takes some people 5 seconds to walk across one lane of traffic!

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