People of Wanstead: The Kinema is open for business

wansteadkinemaBy this time next week the Wanstead Fringe will be well under way, with stalls for the Jumble Trail all set up and Nightingale Lane girding itself for the Duke Street Party.

fringeweblogoThe Fringe, in case you don’t know, is Wanstead’s home-made celebration which features the best of local talent and great events for people of all ages. Every year the most popular of these events is the Wanstead Kinema, and this year it will again take place in the open air of the gardens at Christ Church on the High Street.

It’s on the evening of Saturday 17 September, and will be showing the huge hit film Zootropolis. Tickets are now on general sale – £6 for adults, £3 for under-16s. You can buy tickets now through the Wanstead Fringe website here – but get in early. We usually sell out (in a good way).

One thought on “People of Wanstead: The Kinema is open for business”

  1. The open air annual Kinema is a great idea. For those with kids. Wouldn’t it be nice once in a while for there to be a movie shown that grownups and teens would find satisfying? Even a revival showing of some great old classic like those of near-local lad Alfred Hitchcock? Rear Window?

    I’ve wanted to attend the Kinema as I do actually find some kids’s movies quite fun, but I feel uncomfortable attending as an adult with an adult friend, no kids, among a bunch of families who are would look askance at lone adults showing up. Just one year showing a non-kiddie movie would be nice for the rest of us.

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