People of Wanstead Village: Your candidates…

Thursday sees the first occasion where “Wanstead Village” is an actual thing, rather than just a romantic fondly-held notion the name on a couple of road signs.

Yes, it’s election time, and for the first time the new council ward Wanstead Village –  encompassing most of Snaresbrook and Wanstead and even a bit of Aldersbrook (but not the area closest to Wanstead Park) – is up for grabs.

This will mean some new faces among councillors, and some stepping down after many years’ service. And with power delicately balanced on Redbridge Borough Council, campaigning activity has been pretty visible.

Here for your easy reference is a list of the candidates standing, with links to their profiles on the Democracy Club website. Polling is on Thursday.






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  1. Looking at that link, only ONE of the candidates has taken the trouble to write a fully formed and informative description of what they are standing for. The rest either haven’t bothered or in one case written a string of catchwords. . .

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