Phone box shame

The days of relying on phone boxes is long gone, but they remain as loved architectural landmarks. The one outside Wanstead Tube has, however, become a pitiful site.

Neglect and – now – vandalism has completely ruined the box. Its door is now missing, and who knows if anyone cares enough to repair it. The contrast with the post box next to it could not be starker.

6 thoughts on “Phone box shame”

  1. agreed. its in a conservation area so LBR should take action. thats why the original has been retained!
    its a building at risk.

  2. I had to use the phone box on Wanstead Saturday outside the parade of shops it was filthy it was the newer version phone box but lucky it was there as it was a urgent phone call otherwise I’d have struggled , we do need our phone boxes .

    1. I’d happily spend a day or so sanding down and repainting and put £50 towards a new door – anyone else interested?
      Though I would say not having a door makes it less likely to be used as a WC..

  3. So far as I am aware they are also listed buildings following the removal of the vast majority of the classic phone boxes in the 90s or so. So what is Redbridge Counc il as planning authority who would have proposed these phone boxes to be preserved at the time, doing about it in making representations to the privatised company who evidently couldn’t give a monkeys about their responsabilities as owners of a listed building?

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