Picture: 1930s roller skate race

Wansteadium happened across this photograph from 1930 taken somewhere in Wanstead. It shows the start of a Wanstead-to-Southend roller skate race. Not completely clear exactly where it’s taken though… Any takers?

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  1. Clearly outside the George and Wanstead Station, am sure one of the rollers is our very own Paul Canal?

  2. ouch that looks like it would be a bumpy ride on those cobbled streets.
    a real bone rattler.
    love the idea of a roller skate race though.
    would be a good idea to do it as a charity race now and not so many cobbles.

  3. This is taken outside “The George” with Wanstead High Street beyond. My mother Elsie Green, who was born in Grove (now Grosvenor) Road in 1911, might have known the participants if they were local!

  4. Yes agree – I think it is just outside Wanstead station, at the start of what is now the Eastern Avenue (but not then a big road) – the ‘Wanstead Empire’ advert would be for the cinema which is next to the George, which is to the right just out of shot. The awning at the right would be the little indian restaurant which then (and when I was a boy) was a café. On the left the wall with pillars is I think a petrol station/garage (see the pump?) and that I think then was rebuilt as a car showroom, and then became Majestic Wine – and out of shot to the left would be Burts corner, now Santander.

  5. Oh and I guess Wanstead Station was not then built, and so it is outside what was to become Wanstead Station, to be accurate

  6. Yes, definitely at The George. At that time I think the Eastern Avenue was just (another!) George Lane, where there were small shops, later including a hairdresser’s which had to be demolished.

  7. Definitely has to be outside The George. They are facing down The Eastern Avenue, which would seem to be the obvious route to Southend. Some race!

  8. this looks very much like manor park railway station, with the rise in the road over the railway tracks. of course the high street is flat so cant be wanstead.

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