20 thoughts on “R.I.P. Cooks (formerly Seasons)”

  1. That’s a pity. I always found it strange that the place was closed more than it was open. I can only hope that an Indian restaurant will open in its place. Just what Wanstead needs.

  2. I assume that the post by Sam was tongue in cheek. Another Indian is exactly what we do not need, far too many as it is.
    Maybe a decent Spanish, Turkish or English restaurant would be a better choice.

  3. Absolutely he was being tongue in cheek. Indian restaurants, coffee shop’s, estate agents and the new latest fad, beauty parlour/nailbars (4 at the last count) I’ve had enough of them all. Sorry to sound like an old man but we could really do with a decent hardware shop or a Robert Dyas type shop. Rant over.

  4. Paul, my understanding is that the pet shop will move into the building next door once its all renovated and they will also be offering general hardware. He said he was open to suggestions as far as stocklines so maybe worthwhile calling in and having a word…

  5. Hah, it was indeed tongue in cheek. What Wanstead High St needs is diversity in its restaurant offering. We are already very, very well served in the curry department. Great to hear Toro Loco is open.

  6. Said it before and I’ll say it again, something like Cafe Rouge is what’s needed – good quality, competitively priced brasserie food.

    Or maybe a Brasserie Gerard (there’s one in Loughton and it’s really good).

  7. That is good to hear Sam!
    Re Toro Loco, I believe that the activity is purely private parties rather than anything definite. However we can hope….
    Maybe a cafe Rouge or Brasserie Gerard, but I would prefer an individual restaurant, or very small chain rather then a large chain otherwise we might start going down the South Woodford route – i.e. Zizzi etc etc

  8. I’m gutted about Seasons/Cookes closing. I don’t think there’s anywhere nice to go for breakfast now.

    I completley agree with the above posters about a cafe rouge style offering.
    I like cafe rouge itself but would rather it be an independent place in that style. Somewhere you can do everything from a coffee or glass of wine to a 3 course lunch.

    I wish the charities all the best, but please no more charity shops, letting/estate agents, Indian restaurants!

  9. The Wanstead eating-out scene has felt a little moribund for a while now to be honest. I guess that’s recessions for you. Some new life and diversity would be welcome, even if it requires a chain to provide it. The Cuckfield has upped it’s game and tried to step into the brasserie/gastropub gap but the service remains somewhat hit and miss. Restaurant businesses seem to struggle in the Cooks unit. They can’t be helped by the generally crappy state of that parade and the dreadful mishmash of shopfronts that disfigure it. As the most architecturally cohesive and historically interesting parade on the High St and given its attractive location opposite the Memorial Green and Tarzy Wood, this could be a favoured stretch but instead it seems to be in terminal decline. Shame indeed.

  10. The footfall diminishes the further one goes down the High St, and it will take a bullet proof formula to succeed. The lower priced family friendly Italians in S Woodford are always packed, though whether the Cooks site is large enough for such a venture is doubtful. Wantead could certainly do with such a venue. A certain old school Italian at the top end doesn’t deserve to be a busy as it is as frankly, although cheery, the food is frequently dire.

  11. There are no Indian restaurants at all in Wanstead. Without exception they are all Bangladeshi, pretending to be Indian.

    And their imitation of Indian food is based on decades-old formula cuisine, not very far away from “Boil in the bag.”

    If you want Indian food, please go east to Ilford or Gant’s Hill (North Indian restaurants) or south to East Ham (South Indian food).

    The experience will revolutionise your taste-buds.

  12. I think the key is for restaurant to get their pricing right – Gioberti’s and the Cuckfield are good examples of offering good food at a reasonable price, and guess what? They’re always busy. Some of these other places seem to be offering Mondeo food at Mercedes prices – £12-£14 for a main + £4 for spuds and veg – makes ad hoc popping out for a meal much less likely.

    BTW is it just me or did Nam An really whack their prices up a little while back? Again they’re still busy so in a sense its fair enough, but with starters at £8+, and a mealk with wine ending up at £30+ a head, its no longer a spur of the moment decision to pop in…

  13. BTW not sure if you’ve covered anything in relation to Russells having bailiff’s notices in the window…

  14. When it was Gastrodome it was at its best. What a shame though.

    to user ‘macuser_e7’: Brasserie Gerard in Loughton closed in 2010 (I think they all did) as they have all changed to Wildwood, that would be nice in Wanstead though 🙂

  15. I would love el toro loco to open again too, there’s not enough choice in wanstead. I always forget about nam an but we had a ropey meal in there once and never got back.

    there’s a nice small Essex chain called wildwood, that’d be great in wanstead. there’s one in loughton. or something like loch fyne.

    non chain wise we could do with a nice Thai or noodles bar, I am sick of curry!

  16. Fsong,

    Ah, thanks for the heads-up on Brasserie Gerard. I hadn’t been in a while (obviously!).

    I’ll have to check it out again under the new branding.

    Anyway my general point remains valid, as other posters have said, that that style of quality brasserie food at reasonable prices is the way to go.

  17. I do hope we get a hardware shop – there’s no where for household bits and bobs since Woolworths died. Why we needed a Tesco I’ll never know…

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