Rain on us

A huge amount of water has fallen in the past few days, leading to the River Roding being higher than it has been for a long time.

But anyone travelling down Hermon Hill or Wellesley Road would have been faced with quite severe flooding during the storms – in spite of the very spot where the flooding happened having been dug up about 10 times over the past couple of years.

The story of this blighted junction continues…

Reader Michelle Rawlings intriguingly adds:

I have been living in Wanstead for 45 yrs … but never seen it so bad than for the past 10 yrs . I am concerned that one of the underground water streams  usually flowing down the first part of Wellington Road  had to deroute itself due to construction/extensions and tanking cellars ..nothing to do with drains etc ..  this is purely a logical & historical witness observation .

3 thoughts on “Rain on us”

      1. must have been a quiet newsweek.

        is Michelle Rawlings an expert geologist?! think your find its a puddle from stuff falling from sky.

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