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While many residents across Redbridge have in the past few months objected to ‘quiet streets’ projects – roads closed with planters to reduce through-traffic – people living in one Wanstead road are calling for the council to stop it being used as a rat run.

Mansfield Road is used by vehicles avoiding the traffic lights at George Green – in part to get to and from the A12 slip roads – but residents say the number of pedestrians and Wanstead High School pupils who use the road make it unsuitable for the traffic levels.

A petition residents have started on the Redbridge site says: “Traffic often builds up halfway down the road. The air quality is severely affected during peak times, posing a serious threat.”

They are asking the council to investigate and introduce traffic calming measures such as speed bumps or a one-way system.

6 thoughts on “Rat run warning”

  1. what about a petition to increase green traffic light duration for traffic stacking up along The Green? its a long wait at best of times. that would keep everyone happy.

  2. When is something going to be done to catch, fine and deter all the boy racers that scream around Wanstead day and night, often in high performance cars and cars with exhausts altered to make them nosier (not legal and renders insurance invalid!) What’s the point of clean air measures with the amount of pollution they belch out! Then there is the road safety danger they present and effect on health through noise disturbance.

  3. I absolutely agree that Mansfield Rd is not safe, and said that in the questionnaire last year. Made no difference, sorry Mansfield Rd residents.

  4. Typical pro car wansteadium article starting on the basis that Redbridge doesn’t want car restrictions and that Mansfield Road is an outlier. I think you’ll find there are plenty of other parts if Wanstead that want local car use either slowed or reduced. Our local street groups are trying very hard to get the council to implement either road blocks or calming measures.

    The rat run through the Warren estate is terrible. Mansfield, Overton, St Mary’s and Langley Drive are all residential streets being overrun by dangerously fast cars. I’m sure there’s other rat runs around Wanstead that also need tackling.

    Also, I’ve asked a few times before, but after the countless articles on the parking permits a few years back…can we have a follow up? I read a constant stream of impending doom to the high street. Did it materialise? Were the constant bias articles actually complete nonsense? Come on Wansteadium, let’s see the follow up. Perhaps you can also mention the permit extension the local residents also voted in favour for?

  5. Nightingale Lane residents have been fighting for the quieter streets inititiative to be implemented for years, to no avail!!

    1. Soopydoo, Redbridge are making all the right noises about quieter streets with the Covid push for better transport. Now is probably the best opportunity there’s been to get something done so try again. Whether anyone succeeds is yet unknown but there’s an awful lot of street changes in local boroughs to ours so fingers crossed.

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