Redbridge election results 2014 – and Wanstead wards

BBC reporting that Labour gain Redbridge, taking it from No Overall Control. It’s the first time Labour has had a majority in the borough.

Labour 35 (Up 9)
Conservative 25 (Down 5)
Lib Dem 3 (Down 4)

Full results, available at Redbridge site.

Wanstead ward

Merry, Paul Labour 1739
Bain, Sheila Labour 1964
Dunn, Michelle Conservative 1692

Not elected
Clare, Richard Liberal Democrats 318
Cornish, Janet Liberal Democrats 398
Gunstock, Ashley Green Party 775
Halstead, Stuart Conservative 1412
Mendoza, Lawrence UK Independence Party 609
Nankivill, Mark Liberal Democrats 185
Nkafu, Julius Labour 1534
Uddin, Imam Conservative 1133

Snaresbrook ward

Cronin, Colin Conservative 1686
Cummins, Chris Conservative 1643
Nolan, Suzanne Conservative 1724

Not elected
Bruck, David Liberal Democrats 280
Chetinkaya, Levent Liberal Democrats 209
Eglin, Gregor Labour 1468
Eglin, Sophia Labour 1497
Fink, Deborah Green Party 590
Hokam-Dahd, Imraan Labour 1161
Swallow, Malcolm Liberal Democrats 284


10 thoughts on “Redbridge election results 2014 – and Wanstead wards”

  1. Very bad news for this part of the borough. Staggered that Labour won 2 of the Wanstead seats. I’m depressed.

  2. It does seem surprising on the face of it.

    I suspect the electorate has judged their performance……….

  3. As an employee with the Local Government in social care who has had £3k plus salary reduction, and have seen residents support and services diminishing under the former council im pleased there is a change. Whether I am optimistic is another question.

  4. @Keila – I sympathise but wonder where you would like the new Labour administration to plant it’s money tree? Might be an appropriate use for Evergreen Field?

  5. Not sure how it is bad news? The people voted.. Not everyone has the same opinions or wants the same things which is why we vote.

    I will not disclose who I voted for, but I will accept that I have to live with who is in power.

  6. Yeah, bit of a surprise that Labour gained control of Redbridge – can’t see what they’ve done, I certainly don’t see the ‘money tree’ unless there are lots if empty promises being made!! The issue I have is they’re good at spouting what the people want to hear, but actually have no idea on how to implement it !!

  7. If anything labour were the ones who did door to door on my street and I always saw them on the High Street on the run up (more than anyone else). Maybe this spoke volumes to those who wanted to see who they were voting for before they did?

  8. Labour won the council for two main reasons, the national political climate in which the supporters of both the Lib Dems and the Conservatives are backing Labour, and the fact that they got a lot more work done knocking on doors and handing out leaflets than any of the other parties.

    Wanstead Liberal Democrats were limited by the dire national polling that forced us to focus on the three wards in Redbridge we had a realistic shot of winning this time around, two of which we won councillors in (Church End and Roding).

    I congratulate Labour on their historic win but their majority on the council raises new challenges for leafy Redbridge that has had its Council Tax frozen for four years on the trot under the joint Liberal-Conservative administration. We’re determined to hold the new council to account and you’ll be hearing a lot more from us in Wanstead over the next few years.

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