Reviews of Luppolo welcome, plus farewell Dai Viet

IMG_5777Wanstead’s newest pub/bar/pizza place Luppolo has now been in business for a couple of weeks, so it’s time for our customary invitation for customers to submit their reviews, whether about food, drinks or ambience. You can do so using the comments form below.

Plus it’s sad to note the following Facebook post, below, from Dai Viet, the Vietnamese restaurant between the former snooker club (and Kinema) and the George.



12 thoughts on “Reviews of Luppolo welcome, plus farewell Dai Viet”

  1. Luppolo review: Finally a great pizza restaurant in Wanstead. Just what we needed. Had pizza there twice now and was very pleasantly surprised. Will go back soon!

  2. Went there on Saturday for lunch. Seeing as they’re inviting locals to stop by for ‘coffee’ as well as the obligatory beer, it seemed they might be trying to appeal to the ubiquitous mummy contingent of the area, so in we went…only to find that there are no baby changing facilities. Half of the clientele in there at the time had a kid in a highchair, so it would make sense for them to fix this (or we probably won’t bother going again). The Duke’s baby changing facilities are top notch FYI. Other than that, the pizza and beer were great!

    1. That’s annoying Helen. I remember having to change my son on the floor in the Bar Roomba (sp?) loos. Why go to the expense of a refit if you can’t make one loo disabled and baby friendly?

      Still waiting for a genuinely family friendly restaurant to open in Wanstead – at the moment the Duke and Provender are the best – surely a market for it?

  3. i had lunch there yesterday, and as someone who is gluten intolerant, the fact that they make GF pizza bases is a total winner. Pizza was delicious, and while there are clearly some teething problems (ladies lol was out of order so had to use the men’s!) I will definitely be a regular! The lovely waitress told us that they would be bringing in a larger menu to include pasta ( with gf options) in the New Year.

  4. Popped in to Luppolo last week. Pizzas were delicious, staff friendly and there’s a great selection of beers. A few early teething problems, and the weird leather and metal framed chairs are incredibly uncomfortable – but I gather they’re temporary, and the proper seating is on its way. Overall, very encouraging though – we’ll definitely be going back.

  5. Seems to be very similar to BRB but with no TV screens. Potentially a v expensive refit considering the pizzas were actually very good when it was BRB. Completely agree that there is room for more decent restaurants which are family friendly during the day. There is however now nowhere to watch any sport over a few beers with friends in Wanstead! Surely an opportunity for someone !

  6. I popped in for a pint(s), purely for research purposes.

    The range of real beer and lager was excellent and appeared to be well looked after, except for one flat lager which was quickly replaced by the very friendly staff.
    I can’t comment on the quality of the food but the Pot Noodle I had later that evening at home was excellent. (Beef & Tomato, since you asked).

  7. Tried to have dinner there yesterday and left after 20 minutes of nothing. Literally nothing happened. We went in, there was no hostess or visible waiters. Stood around for about 5 minutes, sat ourselves at a table and after another 15 minutes of being ignored left and went to eat elsewhere. V disappointed.

  8. The pizza’s were pretty good, and great beer. Few teething problems when we went (the Sat after it opened) – hardly any menus, tables not properly cleaned down, staff a bit amateurish, and as Paul mentioned the most uncomfortable seating ever made. The place also needs better heating it was rather cold too. However, if they get this right it will be valuable addition to the area.

  9. Excellent Pizza, and huge beer range. Just a bit weird that the waitress was on the phone while putting food down on tables, and generally gave off the aura of chaos despite the place being maybe 20% full, making excuses for food being really late by talking about a printer not working…. DHL Deliveries coming in the front. Worth going back once they have worked out who should do what, and when. If it had been full it would have been a disaster. The lone drinker at the bar surveyed the diners, realised there were plenty of kids, and shuffled off. The food is great though, really great, so definitely worth a visit.

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