RideLondon road closures around Wanstead

Photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash

RideLondon is a massive reminder of how different life could be if we weren’t addicted to motor vehicles. It’s a good thing. But it may be a bit trying if you’re attempting to get around on Sunday. Here is a list of some of the road closures which may affect Wanstead folk most.

Hollybush Hill, A11995am6.30pm
Woodford Road, A11995am6.30pm
High Road, A11995am6.30pm
Woodford Green, A1199 5am6.30pm
Woodford New Road, A104 5am6.30pm
Woodford Green, A1045am6.30pm
Manor Road, B173 5am6.30pm
Chigwell Road, A1137.30am6pm
Broadmead Road, A10097.30am6pm
A12 – Northbound4am12pm
A12 – Southbound4am6.30pm
Green Man Roundabout5am6.30pm

More details here.

6 thoughts on “RideLondon road closures around Wanstead”

  1. Ride London is a reminder that we are not in a Utopian World. Some people still have to work to feed their family and visit their sick and elderly relatives, not having the time for such folly.

    1. And the other 364 days a year people also have to do that with gridlocked roads from all the cars. Add to that the death and injury and pollution and damage from cars that happens daily, encouraging cycling, even if inconvenient, 1 day a year, might slowly slowly start to readdress the balance and help in the long run. It might take a bit longer than usual on Sunday, but all the cars the other 364 days make walking and cycling take longer than should be. It’s not even close to being balanced.

  2. Priveledges the fit and healthy i.e.those who can see balance and have energy. Try having any physical impediment to cycling..and i can tell you its well intentioned but utterly elitist. I could cycle before unexpected illness.Now i can just about walk a bit, wobbly.

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