RIP Percy

As nearly everything around it has changed, Percy Ingles has been a faithful but unglamorous presence on Wanstead High Street, as on so many others. But no more – the twin pummelling of high street woes and lockdown have done for the chain and all branches are to close.

The fancy rebranding , left, would have fitted in right alongside the Ginger Pig and Harvey’s but alas is it not to be. Farewell Percy Ingles, thanks for all the bread and thanks to those who have served the Wanstead community there. Good luck to all for what comes next.

As seen in 2008 (images from Google Streetview)
As seen in 2012
As seen in 2014
As seen in 2014
As seen in 2015
As seen in 2018
As seen in 2019

13 thoughts on “RIP Percy”

  1. People preferred to pay ten times price at Gales for bread and three times price for cakes and coffee. Simple, use it or lose it!

  2. Great shame. I feel for the staff. They are all lovely ladies. Some people just don’t want sour dough or cannot afford to pay £3.50 for a loaf so it will be a great loss to the high street. Do we know when it is going to close?

  3. Sad to see another British ‘institution’ go. I predict a craft beer shop. Whatever hopefully not just another cafe…

  4. A real shame. A big thank you to them for their delicious Danish pastry rings and best of luck to all the lovely staff.

  5. Their poppy seed bloomers and real cheese cakes will be missed by this man. Gregs’ are not bakers anymore concentrating on their meat goo pasties and sausage rolls. Sad day.

  6. OMG I forgot about the Tottenham cake and Belgian Buns. Not to mention the custard tarts and fresh cream cakes. Please, please don’t close!

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