4 thoughts on “Rubbish issue”

  1. I agree but some of the rubbish on the The George Green is foxes or birds and I know this as seen the big black birds pulling rubbish out of the bins need rubbish bins with tops on them

  2. I banged the table for years about this (we’ve moved recently), mainly to the head of the local secondary school. In summer the pupils leave chicken boxes, chip wrappers and cans or bottle wherever the see fit. Trouble is no-one will enforce anything. Police say it’s council, council say it’s Corp of London…. you get the picture. I asked the headmaster to spot check after school, but as far as i’m aware he never did. I’d imagine you could easily finance someone’s salary by issuing on the spot fines of £80. And someone needs to issue an ASBO to the pidgeon feeding woman. The only other option is just to not clear the rubbish up for a week or two to demonstrate the problem to the offenders. If we keep clearing up for them without any penalty. Why would this change their behaviour?

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