Sainsbury’s pulls plug on new Wanstead shop

Sainsbury’s has decided not to open a convenience store in the former Barclays Bank on Wanstead High Street.

The company told Wansteadium:  “We remain very interested in opening a new shop in Wanstead.

“However following a review we have decided not to progress our plans for a new convenience store at the former Barclays Bank.  Clearly this was not an easy decision to make and we’re grateful for people’s patience and support.
“We will now be marketing the site to interested parties so we bring the building back into use as quickly as possible.”

20 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s pulls plug on new Wanstead shop”

  1. How about an art/office space for local talent to develop as has happened in Manor Park Library? We have a wealth of artistic talent in and around Wanstead but no where for them to work or display. The building could be converted to share music/art/office space.

    However finding the brave investors to develop the site might be more difficult but there must be somewhere out there? Any takers?

  2. I don’t think so Jon Gapes
    We need more unique independent retailers like Ginger Pig, Harvey’s what a fantastic addition to our high street
    I am personally over the moon
    Sainsburys not opening.
    Anyone know who they’ve sold too?

  3. Just heard The Orange Tree shutting…. Turkish Coffee Shop?
    Also, Londis shutting up shop.
    Laundrette is going to be another
    Coffee Shop. Hopefully bring surrounding visitors to high street

  4. Of course I was being sarcastic. It’s not like the local housing market will crumble as a Sainsburys local isn’t opening! But with Londis closing it’s only a matter of time… 🙂

  5. A nice cheese and wine bar would be good (along the lines of The Albertine in Shepherds Bush which is so lovely). I don’t think we have that many take-aways on high street. There’s no Chinese, Thai or Italian. Ginger Pig and Harvey’s look lovely but they are not cheap. I’m all for a nice looking high street but I like to see something I can afford also.


    The first person to say ‘I hope it’ll be an M&S food’ or ‘I hope it becomes a Waitrose’ wins an all-expenses-paid fortnight’s holiday for two in the Seychelles!

    1. Think that’s provided by BHF and Barnados
      A credible antique or second hand furniture shop is what it needs otherwise another missed opportunity- bit like that playground

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