Salvation comes to Wanstead High Street

In the midst of the bad times on Wanstead High Street (closures, exits, unfortunate openings) one treasure trove has stood firm – the pet shop Heads ‘n’ Tails, run by Mas Beg since 1999. So valued is this little outpost of humanity, that the Wanstead Society named Mas Shopkeeper of the Year last year.

But uncertainty clouded over the shop’s future as redevelopment work took place in the disused and crumbling former antiques market next door.

But the GLORIOUS news for Wanstead is that Mas will be moving his shop next door into much larger, refurbished premises probably twice as big as his current shop. Which means that he is planning to stock not only pets and plants, but also a wider range of household and even DIY goods.

The new shop is expected to open in September.

Which means readers of Wansteadium have a few weeks in which to compile a list of things they would buy in Wanstead if they could. Top of the list, of course, Polyfilla.

You are welcome to add to the list below.

1. Polyfilla
2. Evo-Stick
3. String

4. Sink plunger (nominated by @JimSpin for his neighbour)

5. Dustpan and broom (nominated by Ray Liffen)

6. Mothballs, lightbulbs and clothes pegs (nominated by @yenwodt for mrs yenwodt)

2 thoughts on “Salvation comes to Wanstead High Street”

  1. Needles and pins, and other haberdashery – even wool? Since Woollies closed, my partner has been at a loss. Please help her!

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