Shocking scenes. Shocking.

Pictures of dogs are one thing, and Wansteadium was grateful for those. But one can’t help but feel that the hitherto faithful readers of this website have FAILED in their duty by not reporting “the full-on porn movie” which the Wanstead Guardian is reporting took place on George Green on Tuesday.

In breathless prose, the paper reports that the incident took place about 7.30pm when a couple in their 20s “were said to have been seen by hundreds of people” in flagrante delicto.

Police officers twice asked the couple to move on, but apparently instead of moving on, they carried on once the officers left. A witness told the paper that a jogger “almost collided with a lamppost” when he ran past. She said: “I have seen a lot in my time but I am genuinely shocked…. It was a full-on porn movie in Wanstead… They must have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs but even so it was just unbelievable to see, with all the sound effects to go with it.”

Even Councillor Colin Cronin witnessed it. He was shocked too. “It wasn’t just a bit of petting, he was on top of her going at it full pelt while the shop keepers whistled and cheered them on. When the police walked over, the lady had to stand up to put her jeans back on.”

Well if you have appetite for more, the full story is here at the Wanstead Guardian. But as for no one reporting it with evidence to Wansteadium, it’s a sorry day.

9 thoughts on “Shocking scenes. Shocking.”

  1. ‘Even’ Councillor Colin Cronin witnessed it.
    …if unable to try to stop the event at the time then here’s hoping that he too has registered a complaint with the police.

  2. But seriously, 7.30 pm,broad daylight on a sunny day. children around, houses and restaurants overlooking this spot and police simply asked them to move on? Twice? No wonder local people have no confidence in them.

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