Signs of change

Rumours that an estate agent is lined up to move into Wanstead’s favourite building, currently occupied by Stitch, have proven to be unfounded. One IS going into the former Wanstead News site, though. (Despite appearances to the contrary, it’s definitely not going to be a car showroom.)

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Anyone who’s been following the Twitter feed on this site might have noticed that it’s going to be a branch of hip Walthamstow-based estate agents Stow Brothers.

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    1. I think this is a sign that people have had enough of the area and demand for houses to be sold is high!

      The negative attitude towards a pool, the ridiculous argument to NOT have a parking scheme on the High Street and the other silly quarrels of those who have nothing better to do with their time arguing against anything remotely beneficial or practical for the area have caused me to get my property valued in preparation to sell up and move to a place with a sense of ‘Community’ and by Community I mean everyone and not just the older generations who do not want change!

      This is good news for me as I will be able to negotiate a better deal for me and my family. Maybe I can be their first customer.

      1. Sorry to see you go, Trevor. I have seen a lot of support for the swimming pool (not just from my kids). From my point of view a lot of the concern around the parking scheme was the lack of consultation, rather than the parking scheme per se.

        I think that there are so many comments on these matters means that the Wanstead community is alive and well; people care about the area and want change to have a positive impact for the long-term.

        1. I hope you are right Paul. People have to be concerned that one year Wanstead is in the top ten places to live and then it never gets a mention again other than in the news when it is classed as one of the worst places for burglary in London.

          Estate agents list more houses than they sell. That is a sign that people want out rather than in.

  1. Oh you gotta be kidding me..? there are TWO maybe 3 .. within 50 yards… honestly what is happening to Wanstead..?. if it ain’t bloody coffee shops… its estate agents.. our poor town is going to the dogs…!!!

  2. Don’t let the door hit your a*s on the way out, Trevor. Bye now. And by the way, I for one am not “the older generation.” I just don’t think a ruddy pool is what needs money spent on it when the rest of the borough is going to hell in a handbasket for lack of funds. You seem to think your opinion is the only correct one. Other people are entitled to believe the same of theirs. I won’t miss your miserable posts.

    1. PS Trevor you seem to have “nothing better to do” with YOUR time other than WHINGING on here about other people’s views. Pot meet kettle. Sick of it.

      1. It is a bit of a whine and nobody likes a flounce. But Trevor is right though. A swimming pool and regulated parking would help make this are nicer. T

        I don’t think it’s the ‘older generation’ that’s the problem but NIMBYs

      2. You have 100% just done what you are ‘Sick’ of me doing.

        Bravo GB the ‘Keyboard Warrior’

        I honestly cannot remember where I said ‘I am leaving Wanstead because of GB’.

      3. shame no like button…spot on GB. GB you dont seem to understand, let alone respect that opinions other than yours can be valid.

    2. My door is a classic hinged door, no chance of it hitting my a*s on the way out.
      Wanstead does need a pool to stop the pollution other Wanstead folk cause by driving/commuting to Stratford and the likes.
      My opinion is the only one that is correct and you know I am right because you say that others are entitled to believe the same.
      I am glad you won’t miss my posts, who will you reply to now though?

      I might stay.. I have not decided. It all depends on who I can sell my house to. I mean why would I want to inflict the NIMBY’s on anyone looking for sanctuary in this Hell Hole as you put it?

      A house full of Immigrants however.. Collectively they could afford it and would be good for them to commute to work and back.

      1. I don’t believe that cost is really the argument. People are concerned that it will increase traffic to Wanstead and if this is true then a Parking Scheme makes perfect sense.

        However in reality it is the locals who will benefit from it and won’t have to travel far and wide as we do now.

        Walthamstow has a pool, Leyton has a pool, Stratford has a pool, Loughton has a pool.

        We are in the middle of all of these and so we disperse to them. I would be surprised if people went out of their way to visit Wanstead for it’s pool.

  3. This is so upsetting. Can we crowd fund to get the wanstead tap moved there? We need something cool and decent in the area. No more nails, estate agents or flipping coffee shops.

    1. That would be cool.

      But Do you not think the owner of the Tap has not already thought of this.
      The reason he cannot open in the High Street is the ridiculous cost of rent. It does not make business sense to open a place that will barely scrape through because of the high prices.

      The biggest threat to our High Street right now is NOT parking restrictions etc.. but greedy landlords charging silly rates for units that could become something special.

      They are holding out for chains to move in because they do have the funds. If anyone wants to start a sensible petition then it should be against the landlords charging what they do.

  4. I am one of the older generation of Wanstead residents having lived here for the past 40 years and I certainly think Wanstead is changing for the better. For example: new swimming pool, new greengrocer, new butcher, a variety of excellent restaurants and cafes and now Marks and Spencer are opening in May next to the George!

    1. You are in the minority (like myself) that feels change is for the best.

      However, if you had said that where M&S is going to open was going to be a Sainsburys or another generic Supermarket brand then you know what attitude that would have brought out in many.

      For me a Supermarket brand is a Supermarket brand. Sainsburys sell Heinz Beans, so do M&S. They taste the same from both. If I don’t like a business then I do not use it. People should talk with their feet when it comes to business that they do not want or feel does not fit in with the area.

      When the Co-op closes it’s doors once M&S opens, I think we all know the tirade of posts saying “Oh what a shame”. But you have rallied long enough for an M&S and there is no place for two overpriced stores in close proximity.

  5. I’ve always said that this site would be a great one for a pub – Wanstead Tap would be incredible there, but would they get the music / performance license? Wanstead certainly doesn’t need another bloody estate agents

    1. quite agree.. I think we are all heartily sick of estate agents and coffee shops… AND has anyone noticed that there is a for sale sign above the starbucks..?.. take a look next time you go past.

    2. Gee, it says something when not even Starbucks can survive. I really try to support our local businesses – massively love Sumo Fresh and Bombetta, and Enigma has been my fave hairdresser / beauty place for years but it must be so hard when the rent is so high.

  6. Their should be a quota/restriction on numbers of estate agents in any area/proximity. Getting ridiculous wih numbers of estate agents in area and being ‘swamped’ by junk mail leaflets through my letterbox every other day by estate agents telling me someone is waiting to by my house. Bog off.

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