Signs, times

This was a blast from the past (2005?), but was a mere palimpsest revealed during Robins’ renovations and extension:

And on the other side of the road, good luck to the former Bennett’s, now reimagined as Moments and successfully filling the gap left by former card/gift shop Nicole’s.

(One sharp-eyed Wansteadium reader couldn’t help noticing that the sign does, however, look suspiciously as if it may have the potential to be internally illuminated… which as regular readers will know is a no-no for shopfronts following planning regulations on Wanstead High Street.)

8 thoughts on “Signs, times”

  1. There are a growing number of new shops rapidly popping up on the high street (Turkish barber, phone repair shop near Snaresbrook station + clothing shop next to phone repair) that are displaying very unsightly signs and are in violation of the internal illumination guidelines.

    I spoke to Redbridge council at length on this and their message was “oh we can’t say anything because there are older businesses like Papa Johns that have lighting so we can’t discriminate against the new ones, also we can’t stop shops displaying very ugly signs and they can sell whatever they want”

    Basically they could not care less about the appearance of the high street – please also contact them to complain and set the standard!

    1. Evil nasty business owners bringing services, employment and life to our vibrant high street and taking up empty units. We should lock them up until they remove their lit signs that bothers 4 people.

    2. Thanks. Some, perhaps many of us do care about how the high street looks. its ridiculous for them to say papa johns sets a precedent. I complained about it when it was renewed a few years ago. but lbr enforcement were particularly useless then. its prob now too late, but that shouldn’t stop other enforcement that isn’t out of time!

      1. They – the they should turn off their electric to teach them it’s not a laughing matter – gentrification of the high street is uppermost in all our busy daily lives – I for one would immediately close all non complying businesses until someone with a bit of respect for the rule of law takes on the lease – If Ginger Pig can do it so can Superdrug *spit – oh actually thinking about it no one has any gonads anymore – wanstead fish joined in too to be fair

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