Snaresbrook is changing

Former Bombetta

Things are changing in Snaresbrook. The last remains of Bombetta have, sadly, been removed from Station Approach. On the other side of the High Street there is the positive development of the former Keaton’s office becoming occupied by a new gym, and a generally good feeling about the row of shops – not least Buller & Rice and the impressive SP coffee shop.

However the notice at the station outweighs them all. The development planned for the car park is fiercely opposed by residents who say it is far too big and too tall for the space it will sit on. New homes are needed and welcome, but building developments have to be appropriate to the space they want to occupy.

New gym

4 thoughts on “Snaresbrook is changing”

  1. Very sad about Bombetta closing. It was a great restaurant and one of the things I miss about living in Snaresbook.

    I remember chatting to the owner before the pandemic, and him lamenting how much the costs of importing the Italian ingredients had gone up after the Brexit referendum result, due to the drop in value of the pound. That will only have worsened in the last year or two as Brexit was completed and the export costs and paperwork have increased massively.

    Then the wider problems in the UK economy have made staff costs higher, given customers less money to spend on meals out – and given the whole hospitality industry a perfect storm of problems. So many great restaurants have closed down in London.

    Having good restaurants is a vital part of nurturing good communities. I hope the government (or the next government) will reverse some of the actions that have harmed the sector, and the hospitality industry can start to grow again.

  2. Yes Bombetta closing was sad – we miss it and Ben and Jo, however for us living very local the main sadness is the build – and having to live with it for over 2 years just a few metres from our homes. I, for one, am dreading it

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