Some front

Longtime readers will know of Wansteadium’s mild obsession with shop signs and shopfronts. Some will probably roll their eyes at it too.*

So we can’t miss out on cooing over the frontage for the new City Place Coffee shop. Could it be more on trend? It all augurs well.

Meanwhile the Ginger Pig has responded to the person or persons unknown who smashed its front window by installing this metal grille.

It’s not pretty (high streets which become like a row of lock-up garages after closing time have a depressing effect) but who honestly can blame them?

*Wansteadium sees you rolling your eyes and doesn’t care.

9 thoughts on “Some front”

  1. Good luck to city place , I enquired about taking over the premises selling believe it or not bagels coffee etc , but the landlord said that would not be taking on another coffee shop on this stretch of the parade ( the company own the whole block ) because they did not want to upset costa coffee , looking back I’m glad I wasn’t accepted as I don’t think i could have covered the overheads , but I still wish all the best to the new venture as I know how hard it is to run a cafe / catering business.

  2. Strange name for a shop in Wanstead Village – as many people like to refer to it these days. Looks more like a Funeral Parlour than a coffee shop. Good luck anyway.

  3. I think it’s not the first time someone has smashed the window at Ginger Pig, so you really can’t blame them covering it up. But it is a pity.

  4. Vision want to open a kiosk on Christchurch Green selling refreshments and alcohol. A slap in the face for all the cafes and pubs on the High Street which have had such a difficult year. Please object to your councillors if you feel this is an unwanted development on a small Green space.

  5. Of course I wish the ‘yet another coffee shop’ all the best but looking at the picture, there’s nothing to inspire the potential customer to visit. Firstly, the name is so bland, unoriginal and most particularly, Wanstead is not in a city!

    And the morbid colour is hardly enticing, enter at your peril….(to your wallet probably). Perhaps there’s a horror theme inside – certainly a perfect ambience for Halloween! Given these difficult and sombre times, let’s hope that’s just the undercoat and the premises are eventually painted in bright and welcoming colours that will lift our spirits and raise a smile rather than Eek & Boo!

  6. Oh when did we all get so horrid about a new coffee shop! Good luck to the new owners and I think it looks very smart, personal taste I suppose. Businesses rise or fall based on what they offer and how they do things and whether people want to buy things from them or not. Let Wanstead decide what it wants through its footfall. I have seen enough people bemoan the loss of ‘essential’ shops from the high street over the years (but who then never bother going further than the supermarket car park and even shopping locally). If we can afford to, lets buy cards, and cakes, and coffees, and meat and cheese and vegetables, and make up, and all the other things in our wonderful local shops, lets all smile at each other in the high street and wish EVERY business well. And the inane, thick, idiotic thugs smashing the Ginger Pig – now THAT is worth getting angry about.

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