Something new and cool for Wanstead

This is a big day for Wansteadium, and we hope one that Wanstead will welcome. Today we’re launching a new site called Wanstead Talk – it’s an open forum for all Wanstead residents to talk about issues which affect us.

Anyone can take part in the discussions, or even start a new one. You will have to register to take part, and the intention is that Wanstead Talk should be a bit like Wanstead itself – civilised, friendly and nice to be a part of.

Among the subjects under way are the patchy availability of fibre broadband, property questions for our resident expert, and a question about who it is that supposedly lives above Wanstead Tube Station. There’s also a place to record sightings of (whisper it) rats around Evergreen Field.

Once you’re registered though you can start whatever topic you like, and see if it chimes with other Wansteadium readers.

Wanstead Talk can always be found through Wansteadium – or you can go there directly by going to  PS. If you have any problems registering just drop us a line at and we’ll give you individual treatment.


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