False widow spider. public domain: Brenda Avery
Picture: Posed by a model

Don’t panic, but… reliable source Marcus writes from Wellington Road:

I just spotted a False Widow Spider in the garden. Was half an inch from touching the critter. Sadly had no camera on me to record the encounter. I was putting my washing out in the garden and stopped to check to see how my newly planted sunflowers were doing as I hadn’t watered them with all the rain. The soil looked a little dry so reached for the watering can… there on the underside of the handle was the spider. Very small. Something in me triggered a caution, don’t know why, so I took note of its distinctive skull-like markings and went straight back inside and googled it. 100% certain. Been back out several times with camera to no avail. Left note warning my neighbours. So easy to get bitten if they are under dustbin lid handles etc.

Want to know more about false widow spiders? Read here at Wikipedia. Want to know less? Better go here.

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