11 thoughts on “Station Approach: Coming next”

  1. It is what it is, however what does surprise me is that it looks like it will have retail space. Will the retail space remain empty like the ones over the road..

    Also, I though this was ‘Snaresbrook’ station so why do the Wanstead Society care?

  2. Keatons put a magazine in my letterbox a week or so ago. It said they were opening a new Wanstead office in Station Approach later in the year. There was also a double page spread on Wanstead inside.

  3. the wanstead society should ‘care’ for the same reason that WANSTEADium has reported on this. it doesnt really need explaining.

  4. Just once….wouldn’t it be good if something which pleased the eye was built…this is mundane, boring, same old same old……

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